Treat your taste buds

For something sweet, try soft-baked lightly sweet cookie bars. If you fancy a crunchy, savory, spicy bite, you'll love puffy puffs (coming soon) coated in mouth-watering flavors like Indian cayenne, turmeric, kimchi and jalapeno lime!

More about the ingredients

It's an 'oldie but a goodie' kinda thing. While part of traditional classic Indian dishes, lentils & legumes represent a way of life. Back in the day, life was much more simple in how families ate. What was used for savory lunch or dinner also showed in desserts! And this is where the inspiration for Namaste products came from.

Lentils & legumes are serious multitaskers that deliver big in taste, texture and nutrition! They are loaded with prebiotic fiber that your good gut bacteria need so they can do their job in supporting your immune system.

We also don't use eggs, nuts, dairy, gluten, or soy. Why? It’s not a trend thing, it’s over 100+ years of generation after generation thing. Our recipes (sorry, mom and ba, your recipes) never required them. When I started experimenting, I accidentally and coincidentally discovered these YOHMMMS are vegan and made of gluten-free ingredients.